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The barefoot trail: the most popular activity in 2022

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Activités enfants à faire entre Touraine et Loir-et-Cher

Ten years after its introduction, the Barefoot Trail remains the most tested and approved attraction by all our clients.

It is enriched year after year with new surprises: some detours in the woods, new logs to borrow, new surfaces to tread under your feet.

Accessible to all ages, it does not present any particular difficulty. The little ones will have a blast jumping on the different textures of the ground, while the older ones will find themselves challenging the balance games. Good moments of sharing, joy and return to childhood.

Claire, grandmother of two little girls aged 3 and 7, discovered Loisirs Loire Valley this year:

“It was the barefoot trail that attracted us for our first visit. The idea of going for a walk in the middle of nature and leaving your shoes on is pleasant. My granddaughters loved it! Even the smallest one walked the whole trail, as it twists and turns and has different textures, you don’t see the time pass. Finishing with our feet in the water with the frogs waiting for us by the pond is a really nice ending.”

Very popular with families, it is also a popular activity for groups looking for a well-being activity. In 2023, new activities will be added to spice up the activity, notably around the five senses. We will tell you more next month.

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