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This information is intended for accompanying adults, teachers and leaders who manage groups of children.
This tool will enable you to prepare your visit to Loisirs Loire Valley and to integrate it into the cycle of school trips or educational projects.
It is important to book the activities so that someone from the team is available for the presentation of the activity and that the professional activity leaders are dedicated to supervising the activity.

The booking form must be sent at least one week in advance. A quote will be sent for validation.

Parcours en forêt sur le sentier pieds nus


Souligne Vert

The activities are accessible to children from :

  • 2 years old for the BARE FOOT PATH
  • 6/7 years old for ARCHERY
  • 10 years for QUAD
  • 10 years old for microlight flying (written parental permission required)
  • 130cm and over for BubbleFoot
  • 6 years and over for ArcheryGame and LaserGame

For groups over 20 children, we advise organisers to choose several activities so that everyone stays active.
Indeed, for the archery initiation activities, the sessions are of 12 people over 20/30 minutes.
Rotations are then made on the different activities chosen.

Separation Haut
Activité en famille avec le sentier pieds nus


Souligne Vert

Access to the barefoot path is free and autonomous, so it is up to the group leaders and guides to lead the outing.
The role of the guide is to stand next to the child and hold his or her hand. By forming small groups (5-6 children), the leader can be available for each child. It can be useful to form the groups beforehand.
For the children, this activity can be physical as few are used to walking barefoot, especially in the open countryside, and some passages can be tricky.

This activity is part of a logic of welcoming people with disabilities. It is suitable for people with various disabilities, such as mental, visual or hearing impairments. However, the nature of the area does not allow for the use of wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility.

Some instructions should be given at the start, to be adapted according to the age of the children:

  • walk slowly to feel the different materials
  • carry out the walk in peace and quiet, to take full advantage of the forest and to be able to listen to bird songs and other forest sounds
  • it is important to ask the children to express their expectations:
    Why are we walking barefoot?
  • What materials will we walk on?

The sensation of walking barefoot can disturb for several hours after the walk, you can feel a pleasant sensation of heat, tingling ...

Duration of the barefoot trail activity: 45 minutes / possibility of doing the circuit several times.

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Souligne Vert

The initiation, supervised by a qualified instructor, is done by a maximum of 12 people on the shooting range. Once everyone has been initiated, the group sets off on the 3 km nature trail in the forest, marked out by 20 animal foam targets.
It is then that the guides take charge of the children without carrying out the activity themselves, respecting the instructions. It is important to form groups of 5/6 children for 1 adult, for a better comfort and a better handling on the course.

The role of the accompanier is to:

  • guide the children on the course,
  • hold the arrows for the safety of all,
  • remind and enforce the safety instructions given during the initiation (children who wait their turn, remain behind the archer)

Opt for archery, a fun activity appreciated by all that will allow children to combine play, concentration and precision. Recognized Olympic discipline, archery is known to apprehend self-control in a playful way.

Duration of the activity: from 2 to 2.5 hours

Femme faisant du tir à l'arc
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Enfants qui apprennent à piloter des quads à Loisirs Loire Valley


Souligne Vert

A sporting activity full of discovery and adventure that will delight children.
While respecting nature, you will enjoy an escape on a quad. The conviviality and safety will of course be the order of the day, with an initiation and a handling of the machine by an instructor who will adapt the ride according to the level of the children.
Easy and quick to handle, after a briefing and handling games, immersion in the heart of nature on a private forest estate.

Equipment provided on site: cap, gloves and helmet.
Long clothes and closed shoes are mandatory.

The instructor is authorised to supervise a maximum of 6 machines at a time, i.e. 6 riders.
A briefing presents the quad activity, the equipment, a rental contract and a deposit is requested on arrival.

Duration of the activity : 30mn / 1h or 1h30

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Souligne Vert

The ultralight instructor (two-seater aircraft) will present the following points to the group in a joint briefing

presentation of the different categories of microlight
Theory on aerology, weather, flight controls, navigation and instruments, human factors, radio.
Afterwards, the children will take off in complete safety on flights of about 10 minutes.
NB: Written parental permission is required.

Materials and Equipment to be provided:

  • Casual attire for nature activity: long trousers, long sleeves and closed shoes
  • Think about the management of your waste, waste sorting on the site.
  • In the summer or humid period, insect repellent to be provided.
  • First aid kit: 1 per accompanying person
  • Bottles of water
Stage de pilotage ULM avec vue sur le château de Chaumont

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