Children's birthday

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Celebrate your birthday near blois in Loir-et-Cher !

We put all our talents to work to make your child’s birthday unforgettable !

Are you looking for an outdoor birthday party for your child, without having to organise anything and with different activities? You’ve come to the right place to celebrate a birthday party in the great outdoors for your child or teenager!

Discover our different birthday packages to make your child and his friends have a memorable birthday day.

Your child and his friends will leave Loisirs Loire Valley with a lot of memories.

sortie groupe scolaire maternelle sentier pieds nus

Celebrating your birthday together

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Discover our different packages to celebrate a birthday the right way !

In each package, the snack with drinks is included. We have invitation cards to send to friends, don’t hesitate to ask us !

Packages valid for groups of 5 or more children.

And to make your child happy: A birthday advent calendar ! This calendar is to be opened one week before the birthday.

Chasse au trésor pour les enfants
Sentier pieds nus pour les groupes d'enfants ou loisirs en famille
Qui sommes-nous ?
Sur le sentier pieds nus se trouve une rivière

BIRTHDAY by the day

Souligne Vert

A complete activity pack for a great birthday day!

Price: 27€ incl. VAT / child

Conditions : An adult must accompany the children on the activities for safety reasons. Closed shoes are required.

adventurous BIRTHDAY

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If you want to choose just one activity that moves, then this pack is for you:

Price : 21€ TTC / child

Conditions : An adult must accompany the children on the activities for safety reasons. Archery and Défi’Raton from 8 years old.

Cartes de la chasse au trésor du vieux Joe
Sentier pieds nus 100% nature en Val de Loire

relaxed BIRTHDAY

Souligne Vert

Would you prefer a more relaxing day for your child? You need this pack!


Price: 16€ incl. VAT / child

Conditions : An adult must accompany the children on the activities for safety reasons.

personalized birthday party

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Don’t like our packs? No problem! We are available to create a 100% personalised birthday party!

To spend a unique moment with your family and friends, choose what they like and we will organise it!

We offer different activities for all ages, for young and old alike.

Your child can celebrate his or her birthday at Loisirs Loire Valley.

So what would your child like to do?

Offrir un vol ULM à son enfant en Loir et Cher

birthday party

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If you wish, in a customised package we can include a snack including cake, sweets and drinks! Something to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Please let us know if any children have allergies.

Bonbons pour un anniversaire enfant

Advent calendar

Souligne Vert

With these calendars, your child doesn’t wait for Christmas but for his or her birthday!

The calendars are adapted to the child’s school level from preschool to secondary school.

In the week before their birthday, your child will have questions to answer every day and a reward in the form of sweets and other items …