Tree net course

Separation Bas

Surprising... You don't touch the ground anymore!

A mesh to strengthen bonds with family, friends or groups!

Take to the skies and enjoy a unique and acrobatic experience as close to nature as possible.

Without helmet, without harness, in complete safety, discover our course of nets suspended in the trees.

Move forward in a different way, in weightlessness, with a 180-metre linear path in the trees, a space dedicated to children and adults.

Two areas allow for a calm side (40m²) and a more dynamic side (70m²).

Four games to try out on the course: a sailor’s ball, a zip line, a climbing net and a Tibetan bridge.

Test your thrills and your balancing skills in this off-ground course where everyone can rediscover nature at their own pace.

It’s the same course to share for young and old. A real convivial moment on the web to strengthen your links with your loved ones.

Parcours Filet Arbres


Souligne Vert
  • Children : 10€ (1h00)
  • Adult: 15€ (1h00)
  • Children -3 years old : Guest

Pack DUO (Barefoot Trail + Nets) :

  • Child : 13€
  • Adult: 19€

What to wear?

Souligne Vert

As the nets are abrasive, the ideal clothing recommended is sportswear:
trousers, a long-sleeved top and closed shoes with smooth soles (skateboard type).
Personal belongings such as keys, telephone and backpack are not allowed on the course.

To be noted

Souligne Vert

Minimum age: Children from 1 year old. Children under the responsibility of an adult.

Level: Beginner, accessible to all except pregnant women.

Parcours Filet Arbres
Parcours Filet Arbres
Parcours Filet Arbres

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