obstacle course Défi'Raton

Separation Bas

how far will you go ?

Have fun, let off steam and surpass yourself in the open air on a course lined with natural obstacles such as crossing a river, crawling under logs, jumping over trunks…

This obstacle course is inspired by the “parcours du combattant”, it is a real moment to live in group between endurance and surpassing oneself.

Labyrinthe sur le parcours d'obstacles
Traversée à la corde sur le parcours obstacles
Parcours d'obstacles avec saut de haies près de Blois
Separation Haut
Parcours d'obstacles avec saute-mouton nature

Amateur 4 km obstacle Course

Souligne Vert

Ideal for getting back into shape, the opportunity to take on a challenge and set a goal, while having fun. The basis is running, running between the obstacles, but this obstacle course can also be done on foot. Everyone does it at their own pace!

Separation Bas

Expert obstacle Course 13 km

Souligne Vert

This obstacle course will be for the most athletic a physical challenge in the open air with a commando style river crossing, a wooden varap wall, load hauling… it’s time to surpass yourself and set a goal!

Challenge sur le parcours obstacles de Loisirs Loire Valley

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