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Barefoot path

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Unusual activity... UNIQUE in the Centre-Val de Loire Region

This “Nature & Liberty” trail gives you the opportunity to change your pace, the time to walk barefoot on pine cones, bark, chips, sand, pebbles, sand … that will tickle your feet and perhaps offer new sensations. To be shared with friends or family, young and old can have fun testing their skills on this trail with balancing zones…

Sentier pieds nus

The concept

Souligne Vert

The concept of the barefoot trail was created in 1992 by a doctor in the spirit of the health trails. The whole human body is represented on the foot, the nerve centre for man, which allows him to discover many sensations.

The activity

Souligne Vert

Dedicated barefoot path of approximately 1km. The duration depends on the walking pace you adopt.

Activity adapted to people with intellectual disabilities. Complements the motor skills activities offered in the reception facilities.

What you need to know

Souligne Vert
    • Walk along the path in peace and quiet to enjoy nature, listen to the birds, see animals (deer, hares, rabbits, etc.)
      To each his own rhythm, walk slowly to better feel each material
      for groups of children: help the little ones to take off their shoes, the adults should lead the way so that the children do not run
      Express the feelings of each subject and find words to describe them
      This is not a health “course”, nor a course where the 5 senses will be used… here we walk barefoot.

It's good for your health

Souligne Vert

Our foot reflexology workshops will be led by our partner in Reflexology upon reservation.
Foot reflexology is a manual technique of stimulation of the sole of the foot which allows the body to regain its vital balance and prevent imbalances, sources of illness. While providing a deep sense of well-being, it restores the energy flow, the basis of Chinese medicine.
This workshop will introduce you to foot reflexology by learning a simple foot relaxation protocol to practice with your family.

Sentier pieds nus
Sentier pieds nus

To be noted

Souligne Vert
  • Bring a towel
  • As with any outdoor activity, long trousers and sleeves are highly recommended
  • Dogs are not allowed, even on a leash
  • No prams allowed, we recommend a baby carrier
  • Stay on the path, do not leave the area
  • Respect the facilities and report any damage you may have noticed to the reception desk
  • Do not smoke on the trail
  • Do not throw rubbish on the path



Souligne Vert
  • Adult: 10€.
  • Children 3 to 15 years old: 5€.
  • Free for children under 3 years old

Reservation not required.
Last departure 1 hour before closing time.

Sentier pieds nus
Sentier pieds nus
Sentier pieds nus
Separation Haut
Sentier pieds nus

Cuddle zone in the trees

Souligne Vert
Our barefoot trail has an area where you can practice forest therapy.

Sylvotherapy (the custom of hugging a tree) is based on the principle that each tree has its own energy. Trees are connected to the earth through their roots and to the sky through their branches. In this way, sylvotherapy allows you to recharge your batteries with the help of trees by simply giving them a hug. This is why we have a dedicated area on our barefoot trail for this practice.

Minimum age: Ability to walk.

Level: Beginner.

Equipment: A towel.

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