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Find your childlike soul!

Discover archery on a course in the middle of nature, in an arctrap or archerygame version between Blois and Tours.

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Archery initiation

Souligne Vert
Introduction to supervised archery.

During an initiation, take advantage of the advice of qualified professionals to grasp the basics of this sport and hit the bull's eye.

After the supervised initiation, take advantage of the shooting range to improve your skills.

Price: 15€ per person.

Minimum age: 6 years old.

Level: Beginner.

Equipment: Comfortable clothes.

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Nature discovery trail

Souligne Vert

Find your child’s soul and make your dream come true… After an introduction to archery, you will go into the forest on a course of animal targets in foam and 3D. You will test your skills in a safari spirit where crocodiles, foxes and wolves await you for a moment of relaxation and adventure. Let’s go for a 2 to 3 hours hike in the middle of nature.


Nature is at your disposal, 20 hectares dedicated to the 3 km course, different vegetation; ferns, brooms, acacias, poplar groves... a pond and its water lilies.

The archery course is open to all and in all circumstances: corporate challenges, birthdays from 7 to 77 years old, bachelor parties, etc...

Numerous archery training modules are offered in the form of courses.
Possibility of moving to the location of your event or seminar.

Practical information
Reach the target quickly and easily
Be in contact with nature all along the course
The spirit of adventure in the skin of Robin Hood.

Prices : Adult: 24 € / Child - 15 years: 20 €.

Minimum age: From 6 years old.

Level: Beginner.

Equipment: Trousers and long sleeves, closed shoes.

Tir à l'arc
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Tir à l'arc

Archery Game

Souligne Vert

The Archery Game takes place in complete safety thanks to the equipment specially designed for the practice of this sport: to win you will have to show dexterity but the secret of victory will remain above all teamwork!

The principle of this game?

2 teams of 6 players compete in a field divided into 3 parts:
1 side for each team with 3 inflatable bunkers per side, spaced by a side where neither team is allowed to play, and where both teams' arrows are at the beginning of each round.

In the middle of the field, 2 targets with 5 points to hit, each team has its target defined before the beginning of the game.
Each player has a bow and a mask.
At the beginning of each round, the players start on the back line of their camp.
At the top, all players run to the centre to collect arrows of their team colour (red and green).
As soon as the players have collected arrows of their colour, they move back to their camp to try to hit the opponent's players or the 5 points of the opponent's target.

As soon as a player is hit he is eliminated from the round.

A round can be won in three ways:

  • either by hitting all the players of the opposing team
  • or by hitting all 5 points of the opponent's target
  • or when the time of the round is up.

Rate: 180€ / hour

Duration: depending on the number of participants.

Minimum age: From 7 years old.

Level: Beginner.

Equipment: Trousers and long sleeves, Closed shoes

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Souligne Vert

Discover a new activity, an adapted version of ball-trap with a bow, therefore without noise. This new game is bound to be a huge success in the age of sustainable development.

The ARC TRAP is the version of the Ball Trap adapted to archery practice. The targets, made of high density Etafoom, are reusable. The archery trap does not cause any noise pollution and the arrow, a single projectile, is reused after each shot. This new sport, which is extremely spectacular and televised, is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts.
It is part of a sustainable development logic and can be practised by everyone.
Arctrap was invented in 2008 by two Côte d'Azur archers; Arc Trap is a registered trademark, national n° 10/3718183

On the site of Loisirs Loire Valley, initiation and practice of Arctrap for 1 hour of animation and new sensations

groups of 5 people or more: 19€ / pers / 1 hour
groups of 6 to 10 people: 14€ / pers / 1 hour
groups of 10 people or more: 9€ / pers / 1 hour
Seminars, association meetings, family events, liven up your day with an ARC TRAP launcher.
The Arc Trap launcher is specially designed to propel a foam disc in flight (vertical trajectory) that you can shoot with your own bow or a bow from our rental kit.

We offer the Arc Trap for hire to liven up your event or private party:

complete machine delivered on site
with autonomous battery, 20 targets, a kit of 5 ambidextrous bows, 65 arrows
Rental with or without host, package including advice or reminder of implementation
Prices for the Arctrap machine without instructor:

week (Monday to Friday): 250€ ½ day of 4 hours + delivery
weekends and public holidays: 400€ ½ day + delivery
travel price : 0,50€/km, departure from chouzy sur cisse 41150 France
We advise you to book in advance to ensure the availability of the machine.
Reservations can only be made with a deposit of 100€, payment of the balance at the latest 7 days before the rental period (in the event of non-payment within this period, the deposit will be retained by Loisirs Loire Valley as compensation).

The practice of Arc Trap meets official requirements which must be respected for safety reasons (enclosed and secure perimeter of a minimum size of 200 metres long and 80 metres wide so that the arrows can fall to the ground and land without risk to spectators, animals and neighbours).

Minimum age: Teenager - Adult.

Level: Beginner.

Equipment: Comfortable clothing.
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